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Cuatro Puerto Rico

Cuatro Puerto Rico

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for gorgeous stringed instruments crafted with care and reverence. 4Jibaro is constantly striving towards creating instruments that will showcase quality and play great music, even decades from now. 

Brainchild of Samuel Ramos, proud Puerto Rican musician and a magician with stringed instruments, 4Jibaro is an attempt to revive the beauty and history of Puerto Rican music. The Cuatro has found its savior in the garb of 4Jibaro! Four years ago, when Samuel Ramos looked for a Cuatro that played amazingly and didn’t cost the earth, he came up empty. That’s when he began to import Cuatros for his students. Then under the worthy brand name of 4Jibaro, Samuel turned manufacturer, of the most gorgeous Cuatros ever seen!

Every instrument made under this brand is hand crafted by talented artists whose hands never falter when it comes to creating masterpieces. Fashioned from the finest quality material, the instruments created resound with superb tones and great acoustics. They look great too! 4Jibaro is committed to providing excellence at affordable prices, rather than mind-numbing price tags.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, 4Jibaro has something for each taste! Quality checks are the highlight of our manufacturing process. Even though our artisans have eagle eyes, our quality analysts, musicians themselves, look over the instruments with eyes that would make a microscope proud!

So choose your favorite instrument from a host of offerings and you’ll see what we mean by stringent qualitative measures!


Cuatro Puerto Rico Model Jibarito

A beautifully crafted instrument with great acoustics, perfect for novice players!

The Cuatro Puerto Rico Model Jibarito combines great acoustics with practical functionality. Although it is perfect learning material for beginners, it is a good instrument for you even if you are high up in the ranks of players turned pro! The national instrument of Puerto Rico, the Cuatro is resonant with amazing sound and distinctive features. The Puerto Rican Cuatro is a unique stringed instrument that has ten strings in five courses as opposed to the six or twelve in guitars.

The top, back and sides are fashioned from Linden wood, giving it greater acoustic ability because of the lesser density of its grain.

In contrast to the beige colored body of the Cuatro, the bridge and finger board are made from Rosewood, a beautiful richly hued timber that is just right for a Cuatro because of its strength and durability. The Cuatro also comes with beautifully crafted Chrome tuners that add an extra touch of class to the instrument.

Cuatro Puerto Rico Model Jibarito Features:

  • Top – Linden
  • Back and Sides – Linden
  • Bridge and Finger Board – Rosewood
  • Chrome Tuners
  • Beautiful craftsmanship
  • Perfect for the beginner

Cuatro Puerto Rico Model Jibarito Includes:

  • Gig Bag (so you can carry your passion wherever you go!)

Get the unique sounding Cuatro as your introduction into the mesmerizing realm of stringed instruments and we guarantee you, you won't look back!  Learn more...

Cuatro Puerto Rico Model Taino

A beautiful stringed instrument, the Taino takes its name from the unique color tones of the wood that it is made of.

If you are looking for a special Cuatro for a special person, you don't have to look very far! We offer you the choicest models at strikingly attractive prices. Each Cuatro is uniquely crafted and the Taino is no exception.

What holds your gaze at first glance is the beautiful color of the instrument. The top, back and sides have been crafted from the finest quality Sapele wood. Known for its gorgeous graining, this wood is largely used in the manufacturing of guitars by luthiers worldwide. Aesthetically, it looks great with rich, dark tones that offset the much livelier quality of its sound.

The finger board and bridge have been fashioned from Rosewood. This beautifully hued wood is largely known for its strength and durability. It creates a similar tone with the Sapele wood of the Cuatro so that the entire instrument is harmonized in terms of character.

Fitted with lustrous Chrome Tuners, the Cuatro comes full circle in terms of aesthetics. The rustic look of the Cuatro is further complemented with lovely tuners that just begged to be caressed.

The Cuatro Puerto Rico Model Taino Features:

  • Top – Sapele
  • Back and sides – Sapele
  • Finger Board and Bridge – Rosewood
  • Chrome Tuners
  • Beautiful Notes in a Rustic Appeal

The Cuatro Puerto Rico Model Taino Includes:

  • Gig Bag (To keep your precious one away from harm like dust, oil and prying hands!)

There is hardly any instrument that combines every feature of a Cuatro with such panache. In our eyes, there is only one and you are looking at it! Make the Taino a member of your family and it won't leave your side....ever!

Get the unique sounding Cuatro as your introduction into the mesmerizing realm of stringed instruments and we guarantee you, you won't look back! Learn more...

Cuatro Puerto Rico Model Querube

'Sounds from an angel', that's what best describes the Querube! A stunningly crafted Cuatro that will have you falling in love with it in no time...

The Querube is an attractively packaged Cuatro, encapsulating all that you dream of having in a Cuatro of your own. Whether you're a budding enthusiast or a seasoned player, the Querube is your musical angel!

What makes this Cuatro a beauty is the use of gorgeous Maple for its top, back and sides. Maple is multi-faceted; it looks great with the deep, lustrous tones unique to it. Maple is also considered a tonewood; it carries sound waves better than most other timbers, giving it better acoustics and resonance. It is also stronger than its counterpart, Mahogany and has a brighter sound as well. Many of the instruments crafted from Maple have been prized possessions of famous artists and collectors.

The Cuatro boasts of a finger board and bridge crafted from Rosewood. This graceful wood is a beautiful asset to the Cuatro with its durability and aesthetics. Rich tones of Rosewood add to the serene look of the Querube.

Dazzling Chrome Tuners grace the Querube. These gleaming beauties enrich the appearance of the Cuatro, much like a halo!

Pearl Inlays in the Neck and Body give the Querube a regal manifestation. This Cuatro is indeed fit for royalty!

The Cuatro Puerto Rico Model Querube Features:

  • Top – Maple
  • Back and Sides – Maple
  • Finger Board and Bridge – Rosewood
  • Chrome Tuners
  • Pearl Inlays in Neck and Body

The Cuatro Puerto Rico Model Querube Includes:

  • Gig Bag (For the times you need to let go of your beloved angel!)

It's time to get yourself your own sweet Querube! You, of all people deserve it, for the love and passion you have for music... May the angels smile down on you! Learn more...

Cuatro Puerto Rico Model Cumbanchero

Beautiful craftsmanship with an intensely romantic look!...This Cuatro is the perfect gift for a passionate musician!

The Cuatro Puerto Rico Model Cumbanchero is a cinch if you buy it, especially at the price we offer! The gorgeously toned Cuatro is one of the most fashionable ones on the block. The Cumbachero boasts of amazing acoustics on account of the materials used in the making of this magical instrument.

The top is made of Solid Spruce, making it a sound investment since Solids improve in sound quality, with time. Being a straight-grained timber, spruce has better sound transmission than most others.

The sides and back are made from Sandal, a fine-grained timber that is famous for its fragrance in many parts of the world.

The finger board and the bridge are crafted from Rosewood, a favorite of luthiers worldwide. This heavy duty wood is guaranteed to last a good number of years.

The beautiful Chrome Tuners enhance the look of this beautiful instrument. (Even if your Cuatro doesn't require tuning, you're going to be tempted to give it one, just to cop a feel of the tuners!)

Best of all, the Cumbanchero has gorgeous Pearl Neck Inlays. Your Cuatro is no longer an ordinary one; it's destined to be royalty!

Cuatro Puerto Rico Model Cumbanchero Features:

  • Top – Solid Spruce
  • Sides and Back – Sandal
  • Finger Board and Bridge – Rosewood
  • Chrome Tuners
  • Pearl Neck Inlays
  • Warm – toned appearance
  • Great Acoustics

Cuatro Puerto Rico Model Cumbanchero Includes:

  • Gig Bag (Carry your love for music as you journey through life's hills and valleys!)

A mellow toned Cuatro that is just perfect for all you classical fans! This is your chance to grab the very attractive Cumbanchero that's packed with features you'll be telling your grandkids about... Learn more...